Monday, December 7, 2009

I Baptized Jesus!

We Baptized Jesus. I will never forget Jesus. He is just amazing.


Playing in the pila at my house on P-day.


Monday, November 23, 2009

That’s Just My Baby’s Missionary

This is the convert that named her baby after me. The baby’s name is Evan.


This is us right before we filmed the Christmas movie for the zone. Every zone makes a Christmas movie every year and then the secretaries put it together for the whole mission.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


The is my companion and bishop eating the beef jerky sent from home.

P1010820 P1010827 P1010856

My pet boa constrictor

P1010865 P1010880 P1010881

Monday, July 13, 2009

Coup d'état

The guy with the hat is my bishop.


Police after the coup.

P1010793 P1010794

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

This is just some random stuff, we were bored.

P1010427 P1010456 P1010589 P1010599 P1010601 P1010673 P1010694 P1010696 P1010698 P1010699 P1010713

Monday, June 1, 2009

La Victoria


This is my bathroom, there isn’t even a sink.


These are some of the the sisters in my district. They are awesome. Hermana Alverado is from Guatamala and Hermana Zealya is from El Salvador.


This is Elder Castillo my trainer and the AP now. He is going home today actually.


I took this picture from my house. My area is so hot and dusty.


This what a lot of the houses are made out of in Honduras. It is just mud and sticks. Pretty cool.

P1010311 P1010197 P1010314

Bull testicles, I forgot to tell you about how I ate bull balls. They looked just like the testicles from Fear Factor before they were cut up. The only difference between Fear Factor’s bull balls and mine is that I wasn’t like the people in  fear factor. I was excited to eat them and they were really good.  I like testicles.


Nesters baptism


Finally getting my toe fixed.

P1010368 P1010371 P1010374

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mis Ultimos Dias En Utila

Dolphins in front of the boat on the way to La Cieba


This is the sunrise when I was traveling from Utila to La Cieba on a cargo boat

P1000932 P1000936

The little boat behind the big one is the biggest boat that goes to Utila. The big boat is what goes to Roatan.


Dead dog in Cieba. I realized I don't have any good pictures with dead dogs in Honduras. It stunk really bad that is why I have that face. Like 20 feet away there was another dead one too. I am wearing my suit because this was between sessions of General Conference


So I didn't know what to do for Easter but I wanted to do something. So I remembered that the most important part of Easter for the kids is Easter baskets. So the young women and us got creative and made these Easter baskets for the primary. This is Kenia making Easter baskets for the primary

P1000957 P1000958 P1000962 P1000965

I have gotten pretty good at cutting coconuts.

P1000980 P1000985

Picnic with the Poublanc family. The Poublanc family are half members so we are working with them a lot so the dad invited us to go on a picnic to the other side of the Island. It was really cool we ate fresh coconuts and fish.

P1010001 P1010004

Easter baskets made from cereal boxes.

P1010024 P1010025 P1010026 P1010038 P1010042 P1010044 P1010047

This lady had 2 pet toucans. They were so friendly and so beautiful



My Trip to go contact the Keys. It is only about 10 or 15 mins in a small boat to get to the keys. And on them live 300 people or so. So Webb has a boat and its his job to protect the reefs. So he took us over there. This place is beautiful

P1010098 P1010127 P1010132 P1010148 P1010154 P1010159

I am standing on nothing but Conch shells. I met a guy on the keys that Kills them and sells the meat.


This is Hannah. She is famous here on the island. She is always feeding me weird stuff like cow heart, iguana, cow tongue, cow lungs, cow stomach, and much more. But it is almost always really good. It seems that some how she is related to everyone on the island some how. She has had 3 husbands and has 10 kids.


This is just a family of members, the Monuz family.


This is a Juan de Dios. He was an inactive member and I reactivated him. Good guy.


All three of the men in these pictures are not members but I have been teaching them for a long time. My last Sunday Alex came to church. Alex is the younger guy.  One of the other guys finally accepted to be baptized and everyone was happy then I couldn't baptize him because of adultery. But he is still coming to church. So that is good. He just needs a interview by President Cruz.

P1010174 P1010177 P1010029

Some more caves that I found. These are really cool caves. Small but really cool looking on the inside.

P1010050 P1010055 P1010059